Saturday, November 24, 2007

I think I found it!

Okay, I think i might have finally settled on my RR theme. I have been given all of the "12 Days of Christmas" ornament charts from Sandie at The Sweetheart Tree as a surprise (i stitched 3 of the models for her). I think we are going to stitch all of them on one piece of fabric with the borders all together. What do you think? The models i stitched are: Three French Hens, 5 Golden Rings, and Six Geese A-Laying (i stitched the square ornament on the back of the chart).

you can see the charts at

well, i gotta go get a little stitching in before i head off to bed. hugs, karen


Shelleen said...

Those are cute.

Chris said...

I have those pattern cards. I like those. Those will be great for the RR.

I'm actually having second thoughts on what I'm going to pass around. It still may be the Teenie Tweenie Hearts by Sweetheart Tree, but I'm also thinking about the Calico Crossroads monthly kitties from last year. I'll decide soon.

Hugs to all and hope everyone has a great week.