Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!

The happiest of New Years to you all --

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Howdy everyone...

How are things going with everyone? I hope everyone is having a very happy holiday season so far.

Thanks to Ruth, I have the Needle Necessitie flosses needed for the Sweetheart Tree hearts I'll be sending around (for most, not all, the border of the heart is stitched with a NN overdyed). I'm picking up fabric this week. Yes, I know we have plenty of time before our start date in February, but I have a 30% discount to use for 1 "shopping trip" at my LNS (have to use by Dec.31) and I'm planning to buy fabric for several projects.

Big HUGS to all.

Monday, December 3, 2007


I'm good Toni!! Lots nad lots going on in my life! I'm ready to move to a deserted island.
What's up with you?


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Testing, testing, does this thing work?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I think I found it!

Okay, I think i might have finally settled on my RR theme. I have been given all of the "12 Days of Christmas" ornament charts from Sandie at The Sweetheart Tree as a surprise (i stitched 3 of the models for her). I think we are going to stitch all of them on one piece of fabric with the borders all together. What do you think? The models i stitched are: Three French Hens, 5 Golden Rings, and Six Geese A-Laying (i stitched the square ornament on the back of the chart).

you can see the charts at

well, i gotta go get a little stitching in before i head off to bed. hugs, karen

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

oh wow....

I've been poking around trying to find pictures of other people's round robins and I ran
across this Work in Progress album for a Mirabilia Round Robin. I was intrigued, as
I couldn't imagine how the patterns would work since so many of hers are larger patterns.

All I can say is wow. Such a lovely use of layout and design pieces.

Don't worry... mine isn't going to be anywhere near that cool. :-) LOL


Welcome to the newest members!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for starting in February. It'll give me more time to get a border or something like that done! I did at least get the fabric cut, but need to wash it first. I guess I better run a zigzag stitch around it on the sewing machine before that even. More and more things to do! Can Shelleen be after me in the rotation? She stitches like a mad woman and I'm slow. She can easily make up for me. LOL Just kidding!

I decided to just stitch the blocks with skipping 3 threads so it's all symetric, even if it's not all "right" with where you start to stitch. It shouldn't really matter in the end and I'll be using an evenweave anyway. I don't think it matters so much with evenweave.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

I have joined

I have dial up and have had no phone all weekend. But am using Dylan's laptop right now. I am thrilled to have been invited in on this RR.

Hey everyone, give a big ole Society welcome to Shelleen!

Yup, our Shelleen is joining us on this little adventure. KarenNY recruited her for us. Apparently Shelleen is settled already on a snowman RR, so get that white floss ready! It may be a few days before we hear from Ms Faster Than Light Needles because she's having phone and internet troubles at home.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for inviting me to your robin and holding off until 2/1 so I could join. I haven't decided on anything yet for my theme though I have been kicking around a few ideas. I'm going to email my friend with the RED rr and see if I can get a pic. I remember it was on aida, which wasn't fun, but the theme was cool. I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's ideas.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lots of posts today......

Hey Ruth, here's the link to LHN's threadpack page:

The Scripture threadpacks/photos are about 2/3rd the way down. 12 designs: first 6 labeled "Proverbs", next 6 labeled "Inspirational Verses".

Regarding starting around 2/1 so KarenNY can join us, SURE, sounds great.

A "color theme" sounds cool. I've never heard of someone doing that, sounds really neat.

And regarding SandyGA leaning toward a specialty stitch band sampler - also sounds very cool. I know what my row will be (if no one beats me to it) - Rhodes Hearts (or alternating Rhodes Hearts with Rhodes Squares).

All the other possibilites folks are thinking about all sound great.


I'll give you credit for the pattern you stitch on the RR, but you don't get Sting credit for the other 7-11. lol Nice try though.

potential new member news.....

... KarenNY is heavily considering joining us if we start 2/1... which would be cool with me since I have ornies to sew and stuff up the ying yang. lol

KarenNY's also contemplating something that turns my head -- a color theme -- Someone in a robin with her did a "red robin" -- someone stitched a cardinal, some else a barn, another person an apple, ... Cool, eh? Dang, there are so many great ideas out there!!!!

BTW, did I mention that SandyGA is leaning most heavily towards a specialty stitch band sampler? We'd all do a row(s) of our fav specialty stitch(s). Also a very tempting prospect!

This is a first for me . . .

posting to a blog! I've ready many, but never "participated" and I'm so excited! (yes, I need to get a life . . .)

Anyway, I'm thinking I might do JBW Designs Advent Calendar - but I really, really love the LHN Scriptures and would love to have them in my kitchen on this one part of my wall. I'm planning to make another trip to my LHN (twist my arm) this Saturday and will make my decision at that time.

Hugs to all -

settling on a piece

I'm 87% attached to the LHN scripture series -- that 12 piecer of words or verses. .... I'd do a link, but I'm lame and haven't successfully accomplished that in blogdom yet.

Some thoughts/answers

Sharon, I'm going to have to think on a question that is way too hard for my brain before noon. lol

Julie, all I can say (on behalf of all of us, I'm sure) is GOOD LUCK!

Michele, and everyone, I heard from KarenNY, who could join if we started later. I'm waiting for a definition of "later" from her. How do you all feel-- if we start sometime in January, is that acceptable? What about 2/1? 2/15? I'm not sure I want to push it too far past 2/1, but starting after we've all gotten through the holiday crunch season might be a really good thing-- parties, travel, shopping, work, ornament finishing, and (in Julie's case at least) 48 social events for beings under 4 feet tall, ... ;-)


So many great ideas already...

I'm still looking as well at options. Trying to make it past Anna's birthday this weekend, so I can have a little time in my stash closet. Daycare party today, Evening work tomorrow, Football on Sat, Anna's Birthday party sunday... arrgghh.

Curent options being investigated are:
Margaret Sherry pattern collections to be made into a quilt ( 3 different options)
Twisted Oaks Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Series

But haven't had time to investigate my Bent Creek, Sweetheart Tree, Lizzie Kate or other collections for a spot RR option.


LOL: So Ruth, if I use the Margaret Sherry patterns I got at MB this year, can I count our RR finishes for the Sting. LOL ;-) just kidding!!!

Uh oh...

Uh oh... I just looked at the pattern. Explain this to me please. Each square is 50x50. The border has spots for 3 blocks (seasons) and then a little separater line between the different seasons. There are 156 squares for each season. If 150 of them are for the blocks, how do I equally divide 6 blocks between 4 spaces (between border or separator line and after each block)? Do I skip 3 threads for each space? Is this a normal type of thing to do? I can't find anything on the border or square isntructions for this so I'm a bit perplexed. Has anyone done these, or something similar before? There are also 53 blocks for the height. That would mean the same type of spacing - 3 threads. Oh - it's stitched over 2.

Ok - I know I'm making it worse than what it is right? I just want it to look right when it's done. I just have to make things complicated don't I?

Ruth - yo umay regret this blog. It appears I'm already taking over! LOL I should be stitching right?

Hi from PA!

Hi everyone! First - I miss all of you. Can't wait until MB next year. (Hopefully we'll make it again.)

I'll probably do the 12 Snappers from Bent Creek. I forget which year but it starts out with January Snows and February Blows. I always thought February was a little funny sounding but apparently they're talking about the wind, not having a bad day. LOL :-) I'll do my best to get the border done. I know they call for OD threads but I'd prefer it's just done with DMC. Not everyone has the OD (I know I don't) and I'd like to be able to wash it and press it with an iron.

OK - I have to go. Some very little man is crying for some reason. He just finished eating so maybe it's a diaper. I hope so. He was cranky a lot yesterday for some reason. Better not be today again... (Sigh - but I still love it!)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hey from AZ!

I am not sure what i am going to do for my RR, i guess i better get thinking on that one. I will probably use evenweave or linen in 28ct or 32ct. LOL I have no idea yet, i will have to go look and see what i really want to do.

I will try to have a decision very very soon, hopefully by the end of next week.

Hugs, Karen

Howdy from NC!

I am planning on sending around the first 12 Teenie Tweenie charts from The Sweetheart Tree. They are HEARTS. Here is a link to a picture of the 1st one:

Each has a charm, which I'll include.
Each has beading, but I will ask that you not do the beading... I will add the beads when I get them back.
The outer border of each heart is a Needle Necessities color, so I need to decide what I'll use inplace of those since NN is no more ...... has the new business that will produce similar colors using NN color recipes opened yet?? I'll plan to include the floss for the outer border of each heart.

I will be making these into a quilted wall hanging, so I will be sending 12 squares of evenweave, probably 28ct.

Hugs and Happy Stitching!

Hi from Washington!!!

Thanks for starting this blob RuthAnn :)

Clarification please .. this RR is starting January 2008, right? 6 weeks between mailings??

I'm still really undecided about what I want to do .. I'm thinking about using a 32 ct. evenweave. I'm still thinking about doing a spot RR .. but I'm also looking at some of the monthlys that I've always like and never have done. DS#2, Robert, said I should make you all stitch reindeers or coffee cups!! lol .. I do like the L*K monthlys that came out this year .. makes are really cute wall hanging .. ohhh decisions decisions!

Hugs, Michele

Hi folks!

For those of us who like blogging I thought I'd give our RR a place to post. We still have invites out to KarenNY, JodyNC, and TraceyNYY, but maybe we could start "thinking out loud" on what we might like to do for our individual RRs.

For fabric I'll probably go with a jobelan, but maybe a linen in 32 or 28 count. As for patterns, I'm tossing around thoughts of LHN's Dear Diary Companion pieces (Mercy, Peace, etc) or possibly LHN's Scripture packs, or some collection of smallish houses. At the moment the Scripture packs are in the lead of my thoughts.

Let's hear it for fun!