Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hi folks!

For those of us who like blogging I thought I'd give our RR a place to post. We still have invites out to KarenNY, JodyNC, and TraceyNYY, but maybe we could start "thinking out loud" on what we might like to do for our individual RRs.

For fabric I'll probably go with a jobelan, but maybe a linen in 32 or 28 count. As for patterns, I'm tossing around thoughts of LHN's Dear Diary Companion pieces (Mercy, Peace, etc) or possibly LHN's Scripture packs, or some collection of smallish houses. At the moment the Scripture packs are in the lead of my thoughts.

Let's hear it for fun!

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Momyar said...

Considering I've been working from can to can't for the past 5 weeks in Brunswick, Georgia I'm not sure what I'll do. In fact, I forgot my stitching the first 3 days I was down here then brought it down with me but the only reason I've opened the bag was to get a pair of scissors out to trim a wick on a candle I was burning.

I'll leave on Saturday and be off the next week but will be available via email and blackberry. Then I'll be back down here for another 2 weeks straight.

Please give me plenty of gentle bumps to help me get myself in gear. I'm to the point that I want someone else to make all my decisions for me. I'm usually in bed pretty close to 9 and still not ready to get up when the clock goes off.

Well, I'm going to finish downloading my next book to my pda and then hit the pillows and sheets and start another busy, LONG day.