Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hi from PA!

Hi everyone! First - I miss all of you. Can't wait until MB next year. (Hopefully we'll make it again.)

I'll probably do the 12 Snappers from Bent Creek. I forget which year but it starts out with January Snows and February Blows. I always thought February was a little funny sounding but apparently they're talking about the wind, not having a bad day. LOL :-) I'll do my best to get the border done. I know they call for OD threads but I'd prefer it's just done with DMC. Not everyone has the OD (I know I don't) and I'd like to be able to wash it and press it with an iron.

OK - I have to go. Some very little man is crying for some reason. He just finished eating so maybe it's a diaper. I hope so. He was cranky a lot yesterday for some reason. Better not be today again... (Sigh - but I still love it!)

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