Thursday, November 15, 2007

Some thoughts/answers

Sharon, I'm going to have to think on a question that is way too hard for my brain before noon. lol

Julie, all I can say (on behalf of all of us, I'm sure) is GOOD LUCK!

Michele, and everyone, I heard from KarenNY, who could join if we started later. I'm waiting for a definition of "later" from her. How do you all feel-- if we start sometime in January, is that acceptable? What about 2/1? 2/15? I'm not sure I want to push it too far past 2/1, but starting after we've all gotten through the holiday crunch season might be a really good thing-- parties, travel, shopping, work, ornament finishing, and (in Julie's case at least) 48 social events for beings under 4 feet tall, ... ;-)

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