Friday, February 13, 2009

One package outgoing and another incoming....

To Toni - I finally got package with KarenAZ's RR into the mail to you. I was going to mail it to you weeks ago, but one thing after another happened and I had it way too long. I believe JulieGA is still working on getting caught up, so instead of sending KarenAZ's RR to JulieGA, it's on its way to you. You and Julie are the last 2 to stitch on it before it goes home to KarenAZ, so you will need to send it back to JulieGA when you're finished with it.

And SharonPA's package arrived on my front porch today containing both JulieGA's and RuthCA's RRs. Looking at the mailing order, JulieGA's RR is first. I will get started on it tonight.

To JulieGA and RuthCA, do you want to see progress pictures before I get started?

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Toni said...

Hi Chris - Karen's piece arrived yesterday - Thanks!