Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Checking in ...

to see who has what pieces! I haven't anything to stitch on in quite some time.

Have a great day -


Sharon said...

I currently have 4 but 2 are getting mailed to Chris tonight on my way home. Julie and Ruth's are being mailed and I still have Sandy and Chris' to stitch on.

I'm pretty sure you stitched on the ones I have so I can't help you out any.


Shelleen said...

I sent Sandy's to Sharon and I don't have any.

karen said...

i haven't had any in months as well Toni. I wouldn't mind getting one and send it back to whoever may be held up a bit.

KarenNY said...

I don't have any robins either. The last one I had was Sandy's and Sharon has that now.