Friday, February 29, 2008

Toni's RR finished

Toni's RR piece's are very small (actually smaller than mine, which i didn't think was possible) LOL. These were so much fun to stitch, very quick and satisfying and now i need to get this chart! Here are the 2 i did with the charms/beads attached.

Also, here is a finish of my own this week, it is Dog House sampler by LHN. The buttons i added, there is a big dog bone that is suppose to be stitched but i didn't want to stitch all that white. LOL this was one of my UFO's so that makes me really happy! thought i would share with you all.


Sharon said...

It all looks great! I have the Christmas Advent Calendar pattern. I've been putting it off because it seems like it would be a pain to finish all those tiny squares. I guess I'll have to do it anyway. :)

The dog house looks ute too. I love the buttons y ou used.

Ruth said...

Cool! Both to the advent pieces and the puppy. I LOVE the bones idea! Brilliant, simply brilliant!