Friday, February 8, 2008

My RR going out tomorrow

Hi All! Karen it will be in tomorrow's mail to you (Sat 2/9/08 priority) I finally got mine ready to go (minus a few of the squares). I stitched the majority of them for the alphabet but got sooooo tired of the green so some of them still need the border stitched. You can stitch the ones that are already there or if you feel like it the other ones as well. They are all 26x26 so they are small. I will post a pic a little later of what i have done so far. Also, I have also enclosed another small piece of fabric for everyone to stitch their name and state on (pic for this one as well). I stitched "The Society" at the top then my name just follow along with your name. I am going to have this piece made into a wall hanging and am having this piece of fabric with everyone's name on it sewn into the backing fabric.

hugs, karen

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