Thursday, January 31, 2008

Here's what I just finished in the past 2 days!!

I just finished this one yesterday and hopefully will get it pressed and to the framer's this weekend. I've had going for several months and decided I'd best finish it before I start any baby stitching or the RR. I started stitching it quite a while ago and almost ripped all the off white out and started again but I thought I'd see what the framer could do to make the off white pop out.
Here's what I finished today. Started it yesterday. Nothing much going on at work these days (except us watching NCIS and stitching) (I taught my office mate to stitch)
One cloth diaper down and 11 more to go. Waste canvas + cloth diapers = sore elbow and fingers. But Jeremy Daniel is worth it I guess :) :)


Sharon said...

It all looks great Sandy! Where did you find the nice cloth diaper? The only ones I found for burp cloths were very thin - almost a waste of money. We use hand towels now. :)

J. Shelley said...

Both look great Sandy! Those pansies are so bright and beautiful!

Sharon, I had some diapers like those that I got at Babies R Us here. I used that kind and the non-padded cloth diapers for burp cloths since they were so much larger and more absorbent that things sold as burp cloths. :-)

Momyar said...

That's where I got mine. They're just called prefolded diapers. About $12 per dozen.