Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hello all -- how about a check in?

So, it's 2008 ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone even ready for 2007 to start?

Officially there are 9 of us. Michele left of merry band. I've left her on the members list in case she suddenly has a change of heart. In the next oouple weeks I'll email you all to check that I have perfect addresses and get out a shipping rota to everyone.

Since we're a little less than a month away for our first mailing, how about a check up to see how thigs are shaping up---

I'm hopeless as usual. I have yet to cut my fabric, but I have stayed true to my original plan to do the LHN "inspiration/scripture" squares. There are 12 of them, but I'll work out the excess later. I will stitch a semi-central square (the one of the set that comes without exterior borders) and hopefully another one so that there are plenty of opportunities for you to take off in misc directions depending on your whims.

hugs and happy stitching,


Chris said...

Welcome home Ruth.

I have patterns, the NN overdyes for those that call for one, all of the beads (which I'll attach when I get them back), and the fabric. I need to cut out my fabric squares. And I need to pick one to stitch, as I was planning to send one along stitched so you'll have an example of where I want y'all to sign your square. I'll cut my squares tomorrow probably and get to work on one of the hearts in the next few days.

karen said...

I am starting mine this week. I have 2 RR's to get out of here (one is almost done then need to start the other) but i am going to get the border started on this one too. Just using DMC to stitch with and i have my fabric already in my stash.

Shelleen said...

I have fabric that needs to be cut and still sticking to stitchers choice of snowmen, not Christmas themed.

KarenNY said...

Hi Everyone!
I have changed my mind a few times, but finally decided on Elizabeth Designs Natures Alphabet. It calls for 40 count fabric, is that OK with everyone? I haven't stitch on it before myself. I love 36 count, so how hard can it be. ( as long as I have my bifocals on!) I don't mind changing the fabric if it's too small. I probably won't start for a few weeks yet!

Chris said...

40ct is okay with me (assuming we will be stitching over 2 on 40ct).

KarenNY said...

Yes it will be over 2 threads. Boy that would be hard over 1 ! LOL.


karen said...

40ct is fine with me too, as long as it is over 2. I will need to be getting bifocals here soon (need to go pick out frames, taking my time on it). LOL

Janaina said...

Ok... I might getting here a bit late, but we never know...
I am Janaina (waving to Ruth!), from Brazil and a complete lost case when it´s about RR´s and exchanges. (Ruth gave me the sweet nickname of "The Exchanging Diva"... Wonder
I dunno the theme and all the rules on this paticular RR group, but I have a feeling that it will be fun.So can anybody tell me something about it?
Hugs to all!

SharonPA said...

5-1/2 of the 12 borders done for the squares. Some squares have two colors in the border but as long as I get the "Main" border color done I'm happy. I just thought it would be easier for all fo you to have the borders done. You won't have as much counting to do and if it's screwed up it's my fault! LOL

SharonPA said...

Oh - 40 count fabric is fine with me too. I've never used it before but it shouldn't be too hard - now that I have my Ott light!

J. Shelley said...

I'm getting mine together this weekend. I'm still waffling between 2 different items and will narrow it down and get it settled this weekend. I've already told Andy I have to have some "me" time in the stitching room this weekend.