Monday, November 24, 2008

Summarizing and a shout out to our buddy Toni --

First things first -- how's the shoulder, Toni? Are you being gentle with yourself?

Ok, let me summarize what I know of what's where at the moment:

Sharon has: Julie, Ruth, and Chris

Shelleen has: Sandy

Chris has: Kaz (yes, this is out of order, she wanted to stitch another square besides the ones she'd previously done so I mailed ti to her and she'll mail it to Julie when she's done)

Julie has (?): Shelleen and KarenNY

Sandy has Toni

Toni has nothing

Ruth has nothing

Karen NY and KAZ have either nothing or Sharon.... right ?


Sharon said...

Yes - it's all my fault. I have 3. I didn't get to stitch any more on Julie's but I plan on that as soon as I get off of here tonight.

If anyone has mine I'd love to see a picture of it. Does anyone have it? oh please oh please...

KarenNY said...

You are right, I have nothing right now. I still need to stitch on Shelleen's and Sharon's.

Toni said...

My shoulder is slowly getting better - and I can stitch very small pieces! I started PT and I think I'm doing pretty good.

Hugs to all (with one arm!) - and Happy Thanksgiving!


karen said...

I have nothing as well. If Julie wants to send to me and i will stitch then send it back to Toni so when she heals up she will have something ready to go.

karen said...

i still need to stitch on:

J. Shelley said...

I'm a bottleneck as well.

I have 3. I have Sharon's and the 2 Ruth recently sent to me at one time (I don't have them with me at the office).... I think it is Shelleens and Karen's maybe?