Monday, October 27, 2008

Julie, Toni, Karen, and Shelleen......

Julie (and by extrapolation Toni), you'll be getting stitching soon!

Karen -- I have finished up your piece and it's lovely. Simply lovely. In your honor I sat in the window at the hospitality House and stitched on it. I learned in that attempt that light bulbs are better than the sun on 40-count projects. lol

Shelleen -- I'm just backstitching my little mod snowperson. I think she's cute.... possibly even cuddly.

Julie again -- If all goes as expected in my life this evening, both pieces will be in the mail to you tomorrow.

Oh, Toni, I saw your piece at Pals and it's soooooo cool.

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KarenNY said...

That is cool that you stitched on my piece is MB. Does it smell like the ocean?