Friday, September 5, 2008

Hiya everyone

Let's do a check in shall we? Who has which RRs?

I'm robinless currently.


Shelleen said...

I have Julie's and I just received the floss today.

KarenNY said...

I just finished Ruth's rr tonight and will mail to Shelleen tomorrow. Sorry that I was so far behind, that really isn't like me at all.

I also have Chris' heart and I'll start on them this weekend.

Sharon said...

Oops! I forget who mine belongs to but it's the Christmas Advent Calendar. :) I can't wait to stitch on it since I have the same pattern and haven't started on mine either. LOL


Toni said...

I don't have any rr's right now . . . boo hoo!


karen said...

I have Sandy's RR and just started stitching on it last night. I have 2 rows done so far and a few more to go.

Chris said...

I have KarenAZ's. I'm late in getting it to Sandy, but will get it mailed soon.