Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hey Sharon picS... note the "s"!

Sharon's already seen her May square:
5_16_2008 003

But here's a surprise for her. I decided the May one went so fast I'd do another one-- August. Here it is so far.
5_17_2008 008
Now, Sharon, I need some advice. The fabric is the same color as the thread for the gulls and lighthouse. I've switched the gulls to light grey. How would you like me to handle the body of the lighthouse? I was thinking of switching it to a light brick shade but I could do it in white and outline it? Whatcha think?


Sharon said...

I like the gulls. Whatever you decide is fien with me. Surprise me. :-) I'm sure you'll pick something that will look fine - as long as it's not bright green or something "colorful". :-D

Chris said...

You mean you don't want a bright pink or neon green lighthouse??? LOL

Ruth said...

Aww come on Sharon I think a day-glo pink would be a great color for a light house. You certainly wouldn't miss it! :)