Friday, April 11, 2008

Finally started on Julie's RR

Okay, so when i first got it in the mail and was reading the instructions i just couldn't understand a thing in it. Well, i had a massive migraine (it was a real doozy) that day so i knew that was why. I took it out this afternoon and am now plugging away on it. very simple to read and follow the directions when you're feeling just fine. LOL I have 1 band done 3 more to go.

I love the colors you chose Julie. very pretty blues. when i finish it up i will post a pic. It is going with me to Flagstaff tomorrow so when i am just sitting in the room tomorrow night i have something to stitch.

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J. Shelley said...

I was actually worried when i picked it that it was going to be confusing. Glad it is understandable. You should have seen me figuring out how to cut the fabric. I actually had to take some cotton scrap fabric and mock up a finished book to make sure i cut things right.