Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another check in ---

Happy Tuesaday to you all! Having a good day?

I thought, as we sit here balanced between spring and summer, we should check in and see where we're at. Who's got what and what's left to do. We should be closing in on being done.... kinda exciting, huh?

So, here's my status:
Currently I don't have any pieces. I recently sent Toni's off to Julie.

I have stitched on:
ChrisNC -- Sweetheart Tree hearts
KarenAZ -- Prairie Schooler Christmas alphabet
KarenNY -- Elizabeth Designs Nature's Alphabet
SandyGA -- specialty-stitch band sampler
SharonPA -- Bent Creek snappers row
ShellenNY -- non-Christmasy snowmen
ToniIL -- JBW Advent calendar

I have not sitched on:
JulieGA -- Judy Odell's Ultimate Needlebook

Have a lovely -- may your needles be blessed with peace, speed, and no amphibians!,

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hi all

Hey there, just wanted to drop in and wish you all a happy May!

Here's hoping the stitching fairy blesses our needles this month.